Prof. Eng. Adam Mazurkiewicz


Due to the hybrid nature of the research, which will be executed within this fellowship, which combines social sciences and humanities approach with the engineering orientation, one of the research partners for the Fellow will be Professor engineer Adam Mazurkiewicz, who is Managing Director of the Host Institution, and a main Supervisor of the Innovation Strategies Department.


Professor Mazurkiewicz has a background in mechanical engineering. He is both author/co-author of over 300 Polish publications and over 50 foreign ones, including 15 monographs (among others: Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies. State and perspectives of development. 2007), and expert in research projects, mainly in the fields of: machine construction and maintenance, materials engineering, methodology of scientific research and methods of knowledge transformation to economic applications.


Professor Mazurkiewicz saw the potential of Foresight back in 2004 and as a tool for developing a future-oriented research strategy for the different covered areas of research and for the overall Institute. First technology foresight project was executed within the Multi-Year Programme PW-004: “Development of innovativeness systems of manufacturing and maintenance 2004-2008”. Afterwards, three editions of the Institute’s own organizational foresight processes have followed, meant to set medium to long-term research priorities of each of the Institute’s departments.


After these experiences, comparing the Institute results and aligning them with the trends emerging from the external economic environment, in order to build an ITeE-PIB’s strategic research agenda responding to the actual and future necessities of the manufacturing industry in a sustainable perspective, Professor Mazurkiewicz engaged in a new and wider effort of Foresight activities at multiple levels (sectoral, regional and especially national), accomplishing with success the following activities:

  • 2009-2015 Strategic Programme ‘Innovative Systems of Technical Support for Sustainable Development of Economy’ Strategic Programme,
  • 2009-2011 Head of Sectoral Foresight “Advanced Industrial and Ecological Technologies for the Sustainable Development of Poland”,
  • 2006-2009 Head of the “Sustainable Development of Poland” Research Area Panel in the National Foresight Programme “Poland 2020”.


Thus, thanks to his former engineering education and his extensive knowledge of the field of Future Studies, the vast knowledge and successful experience gained through the abovementioned Foresight research activities and projects will be shared with the Fellow to guide and suggest solutions for the purposes of the Fellowship.