Study Visit

The study visit will take place in STAR Agro Energy Research Unit of the University of Foggia, in Puglia, Southern Italy, and includes a workshop for regional actors and stakeholders organized in collaboration with the Observatory of Banks and Enterprises (OBI) in Bari.

The visit was originally planned to take place during the first stage of the research, that is regarding data collection on the potentially converging technologies.  As the main goal of the study visit is to discuss converging bio/chemo/eco/cogno/ technologies and their impact on selected sectors and sustainable development issues in Puglia and the South of Italy, and due to force majeure in the region (earthquakes and other critical conditions), and in agreement with the local organisers, the Study Visit has been transferred to the second stage of the research (i.e., on data analysis).

The provisional programme of the Study Visit includes:

  • Introduction to the Study Visit; objectives, programme, and ad hoc ideas on the plan of the visit,
  • Presentation of the ongoing research and further actions performed by the Fellow and the Host Institution,
  • Presentation of the history and current situation of the STAR research activities, lessons learned of value to the POLONEZ research,
  • Visit to the STAR Facility Centre – Update of its activities and perspectives,
  • Workshop on the POLONEZ research topic organized in collaboration with the Observatory of Banks and Enterprises (OBI) in Bari; meeting with regional stakeholders,
  • Other visits and meetings in the region, e.g., with the LAIR research team at the Law School of the University of Lecce, and
  • Synthesis of the Study Visit findings; presentations by the Fellow, speaking also on behalf of the Host Institution, and the STAR team members.

The contact person, who will provide professional advice and organisational support to the  Research Fellow for this Study Visit, is Prof. Dr. Massimo Monteleone, Coordinator of the STAR research unit.